MailAssure is an extra measure of defense against spam and phishing. It uses machine learning to help identify if emails are malicious.

MailAssure will send you an update email 3 times per day if you have any emails that were flagged as spam or phishing attempts. If you haven't, you won't receive an email. You should take these warnings seriously. However, you can still view these emails, and help train the system if it flags a safe email as a false positive.

An example email from MailAssure
Releasing an email from spam

MailAssure is very good, but like any spam filter it is not perfect and can sometimes flag emails that are not spam. This is especially common if the senders' email provider is not properly configured. However, you can train MailAssure to stop marking emails as spam, either once or for all future messages.

In the above screenshot, you can see a "View Message" link. Clicking this link will take you to the MailAssure web portal. From here, you can find the action menu (pictured below). You have multiple options:

  • Release, which will allow only this email out of spam and into your mailbox
  • Release and Train, which will train MailAssure that this email was safe as well as releasing it to your mailbox
  • Blacklist Sender, which will block the senders' email address from being able to send mail to you again
  • Allow List Sender, which will mark the sender as always safe
  • Remove, which will delete the email

MailAssure actions menu
Outlook Desktop Integration

We configure MailAssure to enable an Outlook desktop add-on, if you are using Outlook desktop. You can tell if it is installed if it appears on the ribbon.

This allows you to train MailAssure if you are sent a message that is spam. It also allows you to easily access the MailAssure dashboard.

MailAssure Outlook desktop ribbon