Ticketing System

In the Loop Consulting uses a powerful ticketing system that allows you to track all of your support requests.

Opening a Ticket

Tickets can be opened over the phone, via email, or by logging into the ticketing system. The easiest way to open a ticket is to email support@itlconsulting.ca. This will automatically create a ticket in the ticketing system. Please make sure you leave a descriptive email title and description.

Otherwise, when you call us over the phone we will open a ticket for you manually. This way we can track work done, and how it was resolved for future reference.

Tickets should only contain one issue. If you have multiple issues, please open multiple tickets so we can track these separately. This makes sure nothing gets missed for you.

Checking Ticket Status

You are automatically emailed when your ticket is updated. But if you want to view all responses in one place, you need to login to the ticketing system. This can be accomplished by navigating to https://itlconsulting.portal.mspmanager.com. You will need to use your company email and a password will need to be created.