Stress-free email hosting so you can answer every customer.

Email Hosting

Every company has their own email hosting requirements. That’s why at In the Loop Constulting, we offer multiple email services based on your specific needs.

For a variety of reasons, most companies choose to use Microsoft 365 for their email. It integrates with SharePoint, OneDrive, Office, and Teams; it allows simplified user management; and, importantly, it helps pass spam filters. If this sounds great to you, get in touch and we’ll get you set up.

But, some companies do not need that sort of integration, especially when they’re just getting started. That’s why we offer low-cost email hosting for those with barebones needs.

Additionally, if you have your own email hosting solution that you need support with, you can reach out and we’ll see what we can do.

Business email builds trust with customers.

Every serious business, without exception, needs a branded email. A business branded email adds legitimacy and trust to business contact information. Take, for example, the following email addresses:

Which do you think customers would trust more? Obviously, it will be the one with the custom domain name! Having us set up a branded email for you is easy, and is included in all of our email + domain name management plans.