Boost employee productivity with a well-designed network.

Network Design and Deployment

Imagine this: you’re on the phone with a new customer, you need to quickly look something up... and you have no internet. Now what do you do? Is it the router? Just your computer? The entire block?

With our fully monitored network solutions, we can be alerted of the problem without you even having to call.

Our network solutions allow real-time monitoring, performance analysis, and help us provide solid networking capabilities to your business. Plus, we interact with your ISP (internet service provider) help desk instead of you, so no more hour-long waits on the phone with Telus to see why things aren’t working. With our range of equipment and partners, we can services small offices or large warehouses with ease.

If you’re in the design phase of a new building, get in touch so we can offer insight on how to properly set up all of your network runs and infrastructure. Doing this at the early phases of development can significantly decrease your costs later.