Phone services to keep you connected with your customers.

VOIP Phone Services

VOIP phone services enable your company to handle multiple phone calls at the same time, all over your internet connection. With unlimited Canada and US calling, optional personalized virtual receptionists, toll-free numbers, and mobile apps, you can stay connected with your customers without breaking the bank.

Instead of charging per user, we charge based on the maximum number of "calls" you want to be able to handle at once. This includes external and internal calling.

Feature Comparison
How many users need to have phones? Estimated number of max simultaneous calls: -
Feature In the Loop VOIP Telus Business Connect Complete Shaw SmartVoice
Pricing Model Per Simultaneous Call Per Seat Per Seat
Base Price See below $45/seat $50/seat
Your Estimated Price 4 SC: $60/mo
8 SC: $100/mo
$45/seat $50/seat
Additional Numbers $5 Unknown Unknown
Toll-free Rate Included $0.07/min Unknown
Basic Phone Services
Handset Included Yes*
Voicemail to Email Unkown
Hold Service Customization Advanced Basic Basic
Forward to Cell Unknown Unknown
Caller ID
Caller ID from CRM Unknown Unknown
Route calls to multiple lines (hunt) Yes (ring all, hunt)
Call Queuing Unknown
Multi-level IVR
Visual Call Flow builder
Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft 365 Login Only
Microsoft Teams integration
Basic integration
Dial externally
Receive Calls
Requires special Microsoft 365 license No* N/A N/A
Phone Systems
We are a proud vendor of Snom phone systems since we believe that our high quality phone service is useless without high quality handsets.
Snom was founded in 1997 in Berlin, Germany and was one of the first commercial VoIP manufacturers. As a pioneer in VoIP technology, Snom leverages their technical expertise to deliver an innovative and diverse portfolio to the business market. In 2016, Snom was acquired by VTech, a $2.1 billion global company with more than 25 years of experience in telephony.
Office Phones
Snom D717 Phone
Snom D717

With a 2.8" color LCD display and 3 programmable function keys, the D717 is a perfect entry-level or standard desk phone.

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Snom D735 Phone
Snom D735

With a 2.8" color LCD display and 8 programmable function keys (with 32 combinations), the D735 is a perfect mid-range phone for any business.

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Snom D785 Phone
Snom D785

With a 4.3" color LCD and a second screen for other functions, the D785 is an excellent high-end phone for executives and receptionists. With 6 configurable and 24 self-labelling programmable keys, and built-in Bluetooth, you shouldn't run into limitations.

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Snom D7C Side Car
Snom D7C

The Snom D7C Side Car comes with a 6.8" color LCD and 3 pages of 16 configurable LED keys. Not enough? You can daisy chain up to three! (Power adapter required for more than one D7C.)

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Conference Phones
Snom C520 Conference Phone
Snom C520

The Snom C520 features a fixed wireless microphone on the base and two wireless microphones, allowing everyone in the meeting to hear you. If that's not enough, it is expandable by pairing up to 3 C52-SP speakers or by connecting headets and mobiles via Bluetooth.

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Snom C620 Wireless Conference Phone
Snom C620

The Snom C620 wireless conference phone lets you clean up your conference table by getting rid of the wires. Connecting to a DECT base station, it has up to 24 hours (using narrowband) or 12 hours (using wideband) of talk time. It also features two wireless microphones, and can pair with up to two C52-SPs.

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Snom C52-SP DECT Expansion Speakerphone
Snom C52-SP

The Snom C52-SP allows you to expand your conference capabilities by connecting up to 3 to a Snom C520 or C620.

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DECT Wireless
Snom M900 Base Station
Snom M900

The Snom M900 base station can be deployed in sets of up to 1000, with installations supporting up to 4000 handsets. Each M900 can support up to 8 concurrent calls.

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Snom M25 Office Handset
Snom M25

The Snom M25 is a perfect office handset. It features a 1.44" color LCD screen and two softkeys and a sleek, stylish design.

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Snom M65 Professional Handset
Snom M65

The Snom M65 professional handset features a 2" color LCD screen, 3 softkeys, HD audio, and a more professional design.

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Snom M70 Business Handset
Snom M70

The Snom M70 business handset features a ruggedized design, 2" color LCD screen, 3 softkeys, HD audio, Bluetooth, and alarm function.

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Snom M80 Industrial Handset
Snom M80

The Snom M80 industrial handset features a 2" color LCD screen, 3 softkeys, HD audio, alarm function, and features an IP65 ruggedized exterior protecting against drops, dust, and splashes.

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