Backups shouldn't be a source of worry.

Backup Solutions

Everyone knows backups are incredibly important. But do you have them in place, and more importantly, are they such that you don't have to remember to maintain them?

The main cause of backup failure is not remembering to back things up. That's why when we handle your backups, they're all done automatically, so you never have to worry.

Our PC backups also have a really cool feature. Let's say your laptop got run over, but you need a computer to do your job. Instead of spending hours setting up a new PC, we can take the backup we've made of your old computer, and transfer it right to your new one - all the software, settings, accounts, everything transfer over. That way you can measure your downtime in hours instead of days.

laptop run over by a machine
You never know when you may need to access your backups. For example, this laptop was run over by an excavator!

Did you know backups are important for cloud services too? There are multiple reasons you want to backup your cloud services, such as:

  • Employee mistakes
  • Cyberattacks
  • Provider infrastructure failure
  • Deleted item recovery

This is why all of our Microsoft SharePoint plans include backup services.

All of our solutions involve us working together to figure out your individual needs.

When you work with us, we don't just walk in and tell you what you need. We work together to listen to what problems you're facing and the outcome you want. It's just a better way to work together.